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Love Me, Baby Candle Collection

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These 6 fragrances have been thoughtfully chosen to bring you retro Christmas vibes. In this collection there are various scent categories. If you can't make up your mind on a fragrance, grab a car diffuser or a wax melt clamshell in a different scent to satisfy both desires.

 These candles are made with a Crackling Wooden Wick or a lead/zinc free, cotton wick.  You will see “(Cotton Wick)” on the drop down menu, when choosing your fragrance. The candles can come with either a gold or white lid. Each candle is made with premium soy wax and phthalate free fragrance oil. Filled to 7.50 oz in an 8 oz jar. Burn time of 40 hours or more, depending on candle care. Follow us on IG @ArisWicks for all the Candle Care tips. Do not use lid to extinguish the wick. Please read the warning label on the bottom of all candles and products. $25 for 1 candle. 

If you ever have any questions about scent recommendations, please send me a message on Instagram (@Ariswicks) or Facebook: Ari's Wicks 

                                        Scent notes:            

  • You Make Me Loopy: ("Take me to the Candy Shop" label) A nostalgic aroma that will have you thinking you're watching cartoons on Saturday morning and eating fruity cereal. Notes of Lime, Cereal, Milk and Vanilla
  • Dark Raspberry + Vanilla: (“You are my Soulmate” Label) A delightful fragrance that embodies the perfect blend of berries, Vanilla and hints of Citrus.  (Contains Essential Oils: Orange Oil, Lemon Oil)
  • Homemade Bread: (“Buy Pizza And Tell Me I'm Pretty” Label) Fresh out of the oven bread. Smells exactly like fresh dough, it's almost unbelievable. Notes of Dough, Yeast and melted butter
  • Fine Ass Auntie: ("Somebody's Fine Ass Valentine" Label) A luxurious fragrance that smells like a bougie babe walking by. Smells like a high end perfume. Notes of White Jasmine, Poppy, Pink Peppercorn and Cashmere (Contains Essential Oils: Cedarwood Oil)
  • Protect Me: ("Call Me Baby" Label): A masculine scent & an energy that Protects. Get seduced and allured with Protect me. Notes of Cedar, Geranium, Mahogany and Lavender.
  • Perfect Match: ("We are a Perfect Match" Label): Smells similar to striking a match but with notes of Oud, Cedarwood, Amber and Smoke. (Contains Essential Oils: Black Pepper Oil, Cypress Oil, Clove Leaf Oil, Patchouli Oil, Spearmint Oil, Vetiver Oil)