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Pink Carousel Candle

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These beautiful Carousel vessels hold approximately 4 oz of premium soy wax. Made with a zinc free cotton wick with a burn time of 18 hours or more, depending on candle care. Scented with top quality, phthalate free fragrance oils and garnished with jasmine flowers, rose petals and gold glitter dust. Once this candle is completely burned, it can be used as a trinket dish. 

Follow us on IG @ArisWicks for all the Candle Care tips. Do not use lid to extinguish the wick. Please read the warning label on the bottom of all candles and the candle care card. 

If you ever have any questions about scent recommendations, please send me a message on Instagram (@Ariswicks) or Facebook: Ari's Wicks 

                                 Scent Notes:

333: NEW! Very tempted to make this an Ari's Wicks signature fragrance, because it's just that good. Smells like you just walked in to the most fanciest hotel and spa. Notes of Violet, Cardamom, ambrox and cedar wood. Unisex fragrance.

Palo SantoJust like lighting a Palo Santo stick to cleanse your space, this one will do the same. Notes of Cedar, earthy smoke, cashmere and incense spice. (Contains essential oils: Lemon oil, Cedarwood oil and Patchouli oil)