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The Jacko- Bruja Tea Edition

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The Jacko this year is inspired by a former Ari's Wicks Halloween candle called Bruja Tea. Made to look like a witches cauldron- glass bottle of "poison", a halloween charm, biodegradable star glitter and roses for garnish with wax drips. The Jacko holds 12 oz of premium soy wax and phthalate free fragrance oil. Burn time of 60 hours or more, depending on candle care. Follow us on IG @ArisWicks for all the Candle Care tips. Also follow all warning label instructions. Each candle comes with a candle care card which should be followed. Pumpkin can be reused as a candy jar, trinket dish or for a tea light candle. 


                                          Scent Notes:

  • Palo Santo: Just like lighting a Palo Santo stick to cleanse your space, this one will do the same. Notes of Cedar, earthy smoke, cashmere and incense spice. Universal fragrance notes.
  • Sea Salt Orchid: If you’re into Floral fragrances, this one is the right fit. Scents notes of Jasmine, Sea salt & tonka bean. Smells like you have just entered the spa. Delicate & sweet. 
  • Fright Night: A medley of drunken apples and just baked Banana Bread. Notes of ripe apples, spicy cinnamon sticks, spine-chilling bourbon, hints of vanilla and ready to eat bananas.
    Baja Blossom: pleasant, light floral notes with hints of fresh cactus, coconut and sandalwood. An exceptional aroma to welcome Spring but honestly, this one would work all year round.
    His Flannel: A warm, masculine blend of bergamot, mahogany and musk. Smells just like His Flannel. Fresh and Inviting. (Contains the following Essential oils: Orange oil and Patchouli Oil
  • Clean Cotton:

WARNING: Do not hang or carry by metal hanger. The candle is too heavy- it can fall & shatter. Remove glass bottle and charm before lighting