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Yo Soy Boricua Candle Collection

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Wepa! The Yo Soy Boricua candle collection is here to stay. I didn't grow up in Puerto Rico or speaking Spanish, but I thoroughly enjoy getting to know more and more about my culture. I was a vendor at a fest where there was nothing by latinx artist of all kinds- It truly inspired me to create this line and keep these candles around forever. If you've been a fan of Ari's Wicks, you might be familiar with some of these scent choices. A few of these fragrances were available when I curated the Navideño Candle collection this last Christmas season 2021.

These candles are made with crackling wooden wicks, phthalate free fragrance and premium soy wax. Soy wax provides a very clean and slow burn. If you take good care of this candle, It will last you 40 hours+. 

 You can enjoy the ASMR sensations from wick as it burns. Each candle is filled to a little over 7 oz in an 8 oz jar. Burn time of 40 hours or more, depending on candle care. Follow us on IG @ArisWicks for all the Candle Care tips. Do not use lid to extinguish the wick. Please read the warning label on the bottom of all candles. Every candle order comes with a Candle Care Instruction Card as well. 

If you ever have any questions about scent recommendations, please send me a message on Instagram (@Ariswicks) or Facebook: Ari's Wicks 


I am trying this new method out where I put a letter next to the label design, to distinguish them a part. If you see that a certain candle scent is in stock, but not the label option you'd like, please feel free to still purchase. At check out you can type in the label that you would like OR you can send me a message on Instagram, once your purchase is complete.

                                            Scent Notes:

  • Mami's Coquito: Everybody and their mama makes this for the holidays. A traditional, decadent drink that’s simply a must. Scent notes of creamy coconut, rum, cinnamon and nutmeg. A custom blend that will remind you of all the best memories.
  • Tuki Tuki: In Puerto Rico It goes by Guayaba. Guava is a staple fruit for Boricuas. You can make all kinds of tasty desserts with It. It comes in a paste or jam form to make Pastelillos de Guayaba or guayaba, crackers and cheese. Scent notes of juicy, fresh cut guava, strawberries, oranges and undertones of vanilla.
  • Noche Buena: This scent will keep you up, to join all of the parrandas! Cafe con leche is an absolute must every single morning. Smells like freshly grounded espresso beans, azucar, vanilla and a touch of milk.
  • Isla Del Encanto: It's exotic, fresh and has hints of la playa. The Flor de Maga aka the hibiscus, is the national flower of Puerto Rico and it's truly magical. Scent notes of hibiscus, dewy greens, ozone, and red fruits.