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About Ari's Wicks

 Ari’sWicks, LLC, is a lifestyle retailer based in the Chicagoland area. Originally known for distributing uniquely scented soy-wax candles, the company has now grown to sell additional self-care and home good products, including
bath bombs and wax melts alongside its signature candles. With a mission to introduce mental clarity into spaces through plant-based, soy-wax candles as well as other items concentrating on self-care and home, all products are
individually produced, and all candles are hand-poured to ensure that all customers are receiving the highest quality of products.
Founded by Ariana Lozada in 2020, Ari's Wicks is a woman-owned, Latina business. Ms. Lozada took her long-standing pastime of candle-making and turned it into a large-scale enterprise in an effort to build financial stability in the midst of the unprecedented circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. Soon after making a few batches of candles, Ms. Lozada started selling products through her personal social media accounts as well as those specifically set up for Ari's Wicks. As a result of profitable sales, Ari'sWick's launched a website for consumer purchases and are now being distributed through partnerships with businesses including Groove Chicago and Shop La Meag as a result
of profitable sales. Profitable sales has also led to the participation in a number of pop-up shops, including:

Lolitas Bodega 2020,
La Ofrenda at Emporium,
Beautea Queens at Berwyn Eagles,
Club De Chingonas at Tacotlan,
Navi Arts Fest 2021 and Barrio Arts Fest 2022, (The National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture), Borinken Cakes,
Mercado Amor Y Amistad with Semillas Plant Studio

A feature in the Werk Mija's Mujeres Empowering Mujeres Podcast as well as magazine coverage in publications including VoyageMIA and Disrupt have drawn media attention to Ari'sWicks. Notably, a regional television feature on Daytime Chicago on WGN occurred in 2022, which significantly increasedAri'sWicks' media exposure.

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At the conception of the company, Ms. Lozada ran it from her apartment until August 2022, where operations were moved to a warehouse location in the Lawndale Area (Chicago, IL) There Ariana fulfill orders, manufactures and host candle making workshops.

In the next five years, Ari’s Wicks plans to expand by opening a physical location in Chicago, allowing for additional joint ventures and collaborations with neighborhood companies. Ari's Wicks will assist Latinx, female, and minority-
owned businesses by promoting them through private labeling and wholesale as well.

Photo by: @Jacobsalasphotography

Ari's Wicks currently offers shipping in the US & PR. Local Pick Up is available as well. Follow her on Instagram: @Ariswicks and/or Facebook: Ari's Wicks, to stay up to date on new candle collections, Pop ups and other events.