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Ari's Wicks' Candle Workshops

Hello! Thank you for inquiring about our Private Candle Workshops! This is an in person workshop experience, where you will be able to pour your own soy wax candle with fragrance! Each guest will pour an 8 oz candle and will be able to choose from a variety of phthalate free fragrance oils. Each seat will come prepared with a tray where your vessel, pouring pot and tools. Workshops take about 2 hours to complete. Your time slot will be discussed, depending on time and availability. Workshops are expected to begin promptly. You and your guest will need to arrive 15-20 minutes before hand to fill out a liability waiver.
Workshop Includes: 
  • A Step by step of making a candle by Owner of Ari’s Wicks, Ariana: Melting wax, pouring fragrance, wick setting, curing and adding herbs on top, if you'd like. 
  • Your 8 oz candle to take home
  • An Ari's Wicks wine glass, to take home 
  • Music and decor to set the vibe
  • Wick Trimmers and Ari’s Wicks’ candles will be available for purchase at time of the event (cash or card will be accepted for payments, Cash preferred)


If you are interested in a Candle Workshop please fill out the inquiry form below: