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Car Diffuser Refill

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RELAUNCH✨Now you can refill your car diffuser up to 4-5 times! Save money by buying this 1 oz bottle verses purchasing a new car diffuser every time. Each 1 oz bottle will come with a new diffuser cap and a plastic stopper, in a mesh bag with a Car diffuser care card. 

HOW TO USE: Toss the old car diffuser cap out, to prevent any leakage, wash the diffuser with hot water and soap. Make sure it’s completely dry before adding this refill! Use new diffuser cap and enjoy!

                                           Scent Notes:

  • Chicago Ice:  Cut from the same cloth as air freshener trees, this fragrance will have you SKURT SKURT'ing through these streets. Scent notes of Citrus, Ambergris, Jasmine and woods. You will NOT be disappointed.
  • Saint V: Refreshing, oceanic and masculine blend. Smells like the perfect man, We can fantasize a bit right? Notes of Ozone, Sea salt, floral and musky amber.
  • Baja Blossom:  Pleasant, light floral notes with hints of fresh cactus, coconut and sandalwood. An exceptional aroma to welcome Spring but honestly, this one would work all year round. 
  • Sea Salt Orchid A sweet and floral blend, right next to the sea. Notes of Jasmine, Sea salt & tonka bean.
  • Eucalyptus Mint: My twist on the popular Vaporub. This fragrance is the right fit for you if you're trying to wine down from your chaotic day on the job. Notes of Eucalyptus, Lemon, Verbana and Greens. (Contains Essential Oils: Nutmeg Oil, Eucalyptus Oil)